Stop Wasting Time On Unnecessary Services & How To Determine Which Are Unnecessary

Stop Wasting Time On Unnecessary Services & How To Determine Which Are UnnecessaryFor years I have been using Flipboard and StumbleUpon to drive traffic to my website.

So many other photographers do the same thing.

And traffic is nice. But traffic doesn't always drive conversions.

In the video below you will see how I use Google Analytics combined with its goal and ecommerce tracking to determine if certain services were worth continuing to use.

We at Imagely always recommend photographers to use services like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook only if their clients are there. Because why use Google Plus if you're not reaching anyone, connecting with anyone or gaining leads and sales there?

As you see, Flipboard was in the top 20 of all my source referrals. However, unfortunately, Flipboard played very minimal role in my leads and sales conversions. They weren't even in the top 10, which are the most important.

So the decision I made was to stop using these services. Because although they were driving traffic, they didn't do much else for my photography business.

Think about it. Then head over to your Google Analytics and figure out what's best for your photography business.

Stop wasting time on unnecessary services.

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  1. This is right up there with, “I need 10,000 followers on Instagram.” Really? Why? Now if you sell prints of your work to the public – ok. Potential buyers. If you are a portrait photographer that works with 100 people a year, having 10k followers probably won’t help you out!

    Great post, Scott! Thanks for sharing!

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