Tourbox is a compact device that sits on your desk. It looks like you'd pick it up and start playing video games. But you don't.

What I do is keep it at the back of my desk, under my monitors.

When it's time for me to edit in Lightroom, Photoshop or Final Cut Pro X, I slide it next to my keyboard.

Which means I have a lineup like this:

Wacom Tablet > Coffee > Keyboard > Tourbox

Do you remember VSCO Keys?

Yes, the same VSCO as the iOS app and former Lightroom Preset creator.

VSCO Keys was an app based keyboard shortcut system to speed up your Lightroom editing workflow.

That's basically what Tourbox (Amazon) is, but with their own USB-C based hardware.

It's super responsive, and can be fully customized how you want for any software.

My first experience with Tourbox was a pleasant one, but I found it was lacking something important.

Coincidentally, the day I published my video on it, they released an update that solved my problem.

Keep the workflow enhancements going by using it alongside the Imagely Lightroom Plugin. Edit your photos and publish them to your WordPress site and right inside NextGEN Gallery. The Lightroom plugin is included in the Imagely Pro plan.

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