facebook-adsLearn about Facebook Advertising for photographers by the way of courses, webinars, eBooks and articles. Some of the content you will find here are free, but some are paid.

We decided to share some other Facebook ad resources that we think photographers can connect with.

Before you dive into our recommendations, please have a look at content we've shared about the subject.

Facebook Advertising for Photographers Education

Everything from here out is content created by others. Each item shared has been examined by our content marketing team. Sharing them here means we recommend the education for your photography business.

Effective Facebook Ads For Photographers

Jamie Swanson has developed a very educational Facebook eBook that is completely free.  The eBook talks about how to optimize your Facebook Ad display to be best suited for your photography business.

She also includes some tricks like using a public proofing gallery from a client's event, and much more.

Perfect Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising for PhotographersZach Prez has created a free ebook and a more in-depth paid ebook all about Facebook Ads.  The Getting Started w/ Perfect Facebook Ads eBook is free and extremely educational. Any photographer can download it and walk away with ideas for improving their ads.

Zach's paid eBook is even better and as you have a choice to also receive a pre-recorded webinar that demonstrates some Facebook advertising techniques.

Freebies In Ads

Another great tip is to offer something of value, for free, in your Facebook Ads. The return on investment isn't instant like adding to a shopping cart and purchasing. However, if your freebie offer is valuable and converts organic leads into customers, then it's likely to convert Facebook leads into customers as well. A great example of this would be for wedding photographers to utilize their free wedding guide within their Facebook Ads. That would be an attractive offer and highly relevant to any person in your area with a relationship status as "Engaged."

Other Facebook Ad Content for Photographers

Non-Photography Specific

The list below contains a few additional resources to learn about Facebook Advertising. However, they're not specific to photographers.

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