5 Steps to Using Facebook to Attract Ideal Clients to Your Photography Website

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms available for business owners. As a wedding photographer, Facebook should be an essential part of your photography marketing plan. You can share your images and content, connect with ideal clients, and lead them back to your photography website or blog. But, Facebook’s ever-changing platform can be a rabbit hole of time and money. Since there are various ways to encourage ideal clients to access your website or blog from your Facebook business page, we reached out to photo editing company, ShootDotEdit , to gain their insights on the subject.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we provide wedding photography editing services for professional photographers. We also love to share valuable tips and tricks to help you grow your photography business. Today, we want to talk a bit about how to use your Facebook business page to attract ideal clients to your website and blog. Here are a few ways to get started.

Know Your Ideal Clients

One of the most important parts of successful photography marketing on Facebook is to ensure you know exactly who your ideal clients are. This means you know what age range they are, their location, their gender, their likes and dislikes, and their relationship status. The more information you can find out about your ideal clients, the easier it will be to build a plan to attract them to your website and photography blog.

5 Steps to Using Facebook to Attract Ideal Clients to Your Photography Website
Image by Jelger and Tanja Photographers

The reason this is so crucial to your strategy on Facebook is so you know exactly what to share when to post, and the type of copy to write to get them to click and access your website and blog. Beyond that, Facebook gives you the ability to target based on these specifics, making your boosting and ad efforts much better. Your marketing efforts on Facebook should be geared toward clients who are perfect for you and can help you grow your business even more.

Deliver Compelling Content

Once you know who your ideal clients are, and what they are interested in, work on compelling content to share with them. You can share sneak peeks from past wedding shoots on your Facebook business page, where you showcase your specialty. For example, if you and your ideal clients share a love of the outdoors and adventure, post images from a past shoot that gives them an idea of what their wedding images can look like.

Also, think about where your ideal clients are in their wedding planning. If they are looking for a photographer, chances are they still need to find other wedding vendors. Since you are targeting clients who are in a specific location, create a quick guide that includes some of your favorite vendors. This can be a valuable tool for your ideal clients to use as they plan their big day, and gives you the opportunity to flex your expertise and recommend vendors.

Both of these examples can help you connect with your clients and lead them back to your website and blog, where they can learn more about you and your photography services.

Promote a Contest or Giveaway

In addition to compelling content, promote a contest or giveaway on your Facebook business page. With a contest, you can get in front of your ideal clients, as well as their family and friends and direct them back to your photography website or blog.

Giveaways are also a great way to create higher engagement with ideal clients. If you have always wanted to photograph a “trash the dress” shoot, why not create a giveaway around it? This is an ideal way to photograph something you want to shoot and bring more clients to your website blog.

With any contest or giveaway, be sure to encourage sharing to spread the word and bring ideal clients to your Facebook business page. The more ideal clients that interact with your contest or giveaway, the more clicks you can receive on your website and blog.

Link Back to Your Website

For any post you share on your Facebook business page, make sure to include a link back to your website or blog. That means any blog post sneak peek, contest, giveaway, or resource should have a link that is easily accessible for ideal clients to click.

Using Facebook to Attract Ideal Clients
Image by Jelger and Tanja Photographers

Also, add in a strong call-to-action to encourage ideal clients to click on the link and access the content you share. For example, if you post a past wedding day shoot, use copy that lets them know the rest of the images are available on your blog. That way, your ideal clients know where they will be directed when they click on the link.

As you post contests or giveaways, include a call-to-action that creates a sense of urgency. This lets them know that the contest or giveaway is only available for a certain amount of time, so if they want to participate, they must do so quickly.

Keep in mind, make sure the link your ideal clients click on matches what you share in your message on your Facebook business page. It is important to keep a strong brand message throughout their experience with you and your photography business.

Use Facebook Advertising

We teased this earlier in point #1, so we will expand on it now. After you share a blog post, guide, contest, or giveaway on your Facebook business page, use Facebook Ads to reach more of your ideal clients. When you use Facebook Ads, you add money to a post to ensure your content gets in front of your ideal clients. This is where knowing who your ideal clients are is essential.

Facebook allows you to build custom audiences to use along with your content. In this blog post, we walk you through how to create a custom audience, as well as how to create effective Ads for your Facebook business page.  

When you incorporate Facebook Ads into your photography marketing strategy, you expand your reach with ideal clients, which means you have more opportunities to attract them to your website and blog.

As a major social media platform, your Facebook business page is one of the top ways to attract ideal clients to your photography website. Continue to learn more about your ideal clients so you can provide them with content that helps them and invites them to learn more about you and your photography services. While you work on your Facebook strategy, discover how you can expand your reach and gain website visits on multiple social media platforms with our Comprehensive Guide to Social Media for Wedding Photographers. Download your free copy today!

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  1. Have you found FB marketing to give an ROI? Many times FB seems to push you to boost posts “95% of other people boosted posts like this” etc; when the post in question is pretty lame anyway.

    1. It depends on what you’re advertising. If you make an ad that is specifically for lead generation or lead conversion, then the ROI could be high. But a boosted post without a strategic plan might not do justice.

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