Step up your social media efforts with better images

There are so many strategies that can help step up your social media efforts.

Some take a lot of work. Some are easier. Some require services and some do not.

Today we want to share with you a product that can help, and it's extremely affordable.

Did you know that each social media site has its own image size requirements? For example, Instagram prefers square images although it can accept rectangular images now. Pinterest accepts anything, however prefers tall vertical images. Pinterest accepts anything but has precise image dimensions that it automatically crops to. Facebook has a similar requirement to Twitter and Google Plus accepts anything.

Check out this Infographic on social sizes.

With such a variety of size requirements and recommendations out there, it was time for something simple to for photographers to use. Something that would make image creation a breeze.

Enter the Ultimate Social Image Template, a PSD file that goes way beyond Photoshop.

The template is a Photoshop file that easily helps photographers create their social imagery. Using the supplied Photoshop Actions, exporting the image in the appropriate crop proportions is as simple as a push of the play button.

But the system goes beyond just the PSD file and actions. When creating the product, education was important. So as a bonus the purchase gives photographers access to three mini-courses to learn from.

  • Open Graph and WordPress
  • Image Optimization with and without JPEGMini Pro
  • Proper exporting from Photoshop and Lightroom

Last, and definitely not least, is the bonus Lightroom export presets which are thrown in. Now you can quickly export from Lightroom for your website. Your photos are saved to your desktop in appropriate sizes and utilize JPEGMini Pro for the best possible optimization if you have it installed.

Earlier we mentioned this is extremely affordable. The Ultimate Social Image Template is only $25, and you get all the bonus content included.

Give it a look.

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