When going viral does nothing for you

Viral is a popular word these days. Photographers often try to find the next thing to make their content or brand go viral.

Sometimes it works out well and has a positive impact on business.

But sometimes virality is a horizontal move. While it might get you more social followers, it won't have an impact on your business.

In 2012 years ago I wrote a really great article on Moz called Build Relationships Not Links. To this day, that title is quoted around the world on a nearly daily basis.

The quote has been turned into audio, tweets, Facebook posts, images, Instagrams and much more.

Here are a few of those.


The point of sharing this is not to discourage you from trying to create content that will go viral. The point is simply to show that sometimes virality won't make you money.

When trying to come up with content ideas for your photography website. Think less about going viral and more about what will have a direct impact on your business.

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