Adding Functionality: Pinterest Button

Travis Hhoglund created a new WordPress plugin that adds the Pinterest pin button to your NextGEN Gallery lightbox.


To get started, make sure you have NextGEN Gallery installed on your WordPress site.

Then download, install and activate the Pinterest Lightbox plugin. No options need to be set. Travis created the plugin to work automatically.

Add this functionality to your NextGEN Gallery

It's great to see new plugins released to add specific Pinterest support to the NextGEN Gallery plugin.

Download Pinterest Lightbox

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  1. This plugin hasn’t been updated in 2 years and hasn’t been tested with the current version of WordPress. Is there another maintained plugin that will allow us to place social media icons such as pinterest, facebook like, tweet, etc. on photos within a NextGEN gallery/lightbox?

    1. Our plugins, NextGEN Plus and NextGEN offer a Pin button along with the other most popular social networks.

      1. Same problem: That plugin hasn’t been updated in forever.

        Did you mean “NextGEN Plus and NextGEN _PRO_”? Because I can’t see where to activate the Pin button in just “NextGEN”… :/

        1. When the Pro Lightbox is being used you have the ability to turn on the social sharing features. The buttons will appear in the Pro Lightbox and you have the option to turn it on via hover pre-lightbox loading.

  2. Answered my own question after a bit of digging… Wound up using the “Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post” plugin. Still untested with latest WP (currently compatible up to: 4.6.3) but last updated 3 months ago rather than 2-3 years ago, and 20,000+ active installs. Hope this helps someone else out there!

    1. If you own NextGEN Plus and NextGEN Pro then I’d suggest using the feature built in. It will save you a plugin.

      1. But this feature is only available in the lightbox. What to do if i want to Pin just by hovering on top of the main blog publication?

        1. If you use NextGEN Plus or Pro then you have access to hover sharing icons on all galleries.

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