How To Learn Anything In Lightroom Within 2 Minutes

That's right, our friend, photographer and educator, Nicole S. Young has launched a fantastic new Lightroom course called Lightroom 2 Minute Tips. Nicole also happens to be the wife of Imagely Ambassador Brian Matiash. But she has been knocking photography education out of the park for years!

This course is not like other Lightroom course. Heck, it's not even close to being like mine.  What it is, is exactly what the title says. Nicole shares, in very clear language and with to the point videos, how to do various tasks in Lightroom.  Think of it like Lightroom For Dummies, made by an extremely smart educator and photographer and in video format. Yes, there is a text guide to go along with it. But the visual aspect is key here.

You can flow through the course using Nicole's structured format. Or you can question a specific Lightroom tool and look it up in the course. Within 2 minutes of following along, you will understand how to do it on your own. Brilliant!

With just under 5 hours of video content, this course is jam-packed with what we'd consider go-to how-to material. The PDF booklet which comes with the course isn't an ebook, which is why Nicole calls it an booklet. It's more of a resource for navigating the videos.

In addition to streaming the videos online, Nicole has made them available for downloading to your computer. We recommend putting them in your iTunes library so you can watch them through Apple TV or on a tablet.  For accessibility, Nicole has also added closed captioning to the online videos.

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We can see this course being a useful resource for any photographer in any genre of the industry. Why? Because Nicole didn't narrow the course focus to anything specific. She made it a how to, as we said earlier. We recommend checking it out. Oh, and here are some teasers... or shall we say, freebies, which she has offered to curious minds.

As of January 11, 2017 we have released a Lightroom plugin which sends to your WordPress website.

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