Want to know how not to make proofing difficult for your photography clients?

That's simple. Make the process painless.

Here's how we do that in NextGEN Pro

  1. You insert a gallery on a page, with proofing turned on.
  2. You send a link to the gallery to your client.
  3. Your client loads the page and begins to star picked photos. This can be done in 3 places:
    1. Using Display Triggers (optional)
    2. Using Hover (optional)
    3. In the Pro Lightbox
  4. When ready your client clicks the Submit Proofs button, enters name, and email address and then submits the proofs.

At that point, the work is done for the client. But there is more work for you, the photograph, to do.

You will receive an email containing the client's information and a comma separated list of the filenames of the chosen photographs. The list does not contain file formats, like JPG, for easier searching in a catalog.

From there you can paste the list into your catalog software, like Lightroom, and quickly pull up all the chosen photographs for editing.

If you would like to see the client side of proofing, see our live demo.  Or pick up NextGEN Pro today and test it out with your clients.

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  1. I usually follow the advice to rename files on export so they appear sequential (no missing numbers) to my clients. But if I do this, how can I still use the comma separated lists, plugging them into LR? Is there still a way?

    1. For proofing it is best to have the file names match in Lightroom and in the gallery. So I would recommend that if you are renaming for the web then also rename in Lightroom. But really, for proofing it does not matter what the file names are, so leaving them as the default camera filename would be fine. File names only really matter for public galleries and images that you want to rank well in search engines.

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