How To Sell Photos With WordPress

How To Sell Photos With WordPressHow do you sell photos with WordPress? If you ask me, there hasn't been a fantastic solution to that question until now.

I sell photos with WordPress and NextGEN Gallery - or more specifically NextGEN Pro, the new premium add-on.

Sell Photos With WordPress

When the team here at Photocrati was looking at all the WordPress ecommerce plugins available, none was really ideal for selling photos on a self-hosted WordPress website.

For the most part, each ecommerce plugin was developed for individual products. That's perfectly fine for the typical ecommerce store. However, for selling photos, that's not the ideal situation.

So we sat down and thought out the entire process for which photographers, graphic designers or any other creative would sell their images.

We started with pricelists which makes it easy to batch apply prices to photos. We then made it available for the plugin user to exclude individual photos from being sold in addition individual photos to use a different pricelist than the rest of the gallery.

NextGEN Pro Ecommerce allows you to sell photos with WordPress, without the extra features available in full ecommerce suites, and not specific to images.

It allows you to sell self-fulfilled photo prints in addition to automated digital downloads.  You can add custom licenses, specify your download sizes and so much more.

When developing the plugin, we wanted to make sure that out of the box each user had payment options that handled the most popular and easiest solutions.  So we added PayPal standard which requires a PayPal account's email address only.  We added PayPal Express which requires a user's API credentials (freely available from PayPal) and also Stripe integration so users can accept credit card payments.  We also used Stripe's modal payment feature so every NextGEN Pro user is not required to use SSL (although recommended still).

Sell Images With WordPress

Unlike other ecommerce plugins available, NextGEN Pro makes each of the features readily available for all current subscribers.  For example, instead of making the Stripe payment gateway extra, we included it for everyone.  Future gateways we develop will also be included, once they're ready, for all subscribers.

Unlimited pricelists and products can be created, and there is an order management section which is currently fairly basic but has reporting on the roadmap.

Selling Photos With WordPress

With all of this already available and so much more planned, like right-click protection, additional watermark features, front end searching, reporting and proofing (to name a few), the annual price is appealing and affordable for anyone who needs to sell photos with WordPress.

The annual payment comes with premium support, updates and future features which will require a subscription.

I sell photos with WordPress using NextGEN Pro and I hope you will check it out.  Here is the ecommerce demo.

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  1. I have a Stock Agency where Contributors will be joining.
    Does this work for that?
    Can people have profiles etc?

    1. NextGEN Gallery has basic role permission features. So you could allow other WordPress users to manage galleries. But we do not have a full stock agency feature-set with commissions.

      1. Thanks. Could users have profiles and set pricing and upload images?

          1. Thank you. But can they create a profile with profile picture etc

          2. All WordPress users have a profile. But they’re not public. You would have to install a plugin which offers public profiles of users.

  2. What do you mean by “other WordPress users” – I am just talking about your regular customer who will visit your site, Join and build a profile. Can this be done? Many thanks

    1. That’s up to you. You can set up a membership system using a membership plugin, or just let anyone join, or manually add people.

  3. Can any one people like the individual photo & comment ? for example if I put one image then other user comes in my website and see that images so he/she like & comment for that individual photo?

    If I am purchase this plugin can you provide custom photo download size ? for Example :

    Can we manage order management system trough this plugin ?

    1. Yes with NextGEN Pro you can have individual image comments. You can also use the proofing feature to see which images clients like. You can also sell digital downloads at any size you want and manage orders.

  4. Hi there, Stripe is great but only accepts US and Canadian bank accounts. Is there a way to integrate payment with a credit card through PayPal?

    1. Stripe is global now. It was limited when Stripe first launched, but not anymore. Using PayPal Express you can accept credit cards too.

      1. Stripe might receive credit cards globally but you still have to use a Canadian or US bank account to accept payment into, which my client doesn’t have. For PayPal Express, are there any special features I need to have turned on? It doesn’t seem to be accepting credit card, but instead only asking for a PayPal login. Thanks!

        1. I just confirmed – it’s actually PayPal Standard that allows for any credit card to be used even without a PayPal account.

          1. Excellent thank you!

          2. So I’ve tried that, and I’m still not getting any option to use a credit card. Any other ideas? Am I missing something? Thanks!

          3. It might be a setting in PayPal to allow credit cards / non PayPal accounts. Check PayPal and if you still need assistance please contact support.

  5. Can you configure it to sell digital downloads of a single picture And/Or a whole Album.

    I have users that would like to buy individual pictures and download them AND I have users that would like to purchase a whole Album and download them.

    1. At the moment, for digital downloads, each image has to be added to the cart individually. From there, your users can download them. But there isn’t a 1 click download all solution at the moment.

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