Is The Lifespan Of An Instagram Story Less Than 24 Hours?

Since Instagram launched Stories, we have been testing it out and comparing it to Snapchat. We love how Instagram designed the feature.

We are also seeing so many photographers hop on board where they previously avoided it from Snapchat.

But we are noticing something extremely interesting about stories. In tests made on my personal Instagram account, and some on the Imagely account we noticed that the 24-hour lifespan of an Instagram Story is likely much less than 24 hours.

Is The Lifespan Of An Instagram Story Less Than 24 Hours?

Here is an example where I shared iOS apps that I use on a regular basis. On Snapchat these do very well, but on Instagram, they fell short quickly. You'll notice the view count slowly lowers the more items are included.

So photographers, keep that in mind when creating or adding to your stories. Keep them short, maybe under five items.

Do that and we're certain you will see more views across each item in your stories.

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Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Chief Community Officer at Imagely. Learn more about the Imagely Team

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