How to hire someone to do SEO for your photography website

Google shared a great video on how to hire a SEO for your website. You most likely receive emails from countless "SEO experts" trying to get you to hire them.

It might look something like this:

seo email spam example
SEO email spam example

Typically these are spam and should be marked as such. Because a good SEO expert does not need to be doing outreach. A good SEO expert will be ranking well for relevant keywords, so you can find he or she easily. Or a good SEO expert would be recommended by someone else, like us.

Watch this video, then keep reading.

Now that you have a basic understanding for how to hire a SEO expert, we want to recommend two people for you to consider.

The first is our friend Corey Potter. You might recognize the name from our podcast and from our page builder comparison.

Corey runs Fuel Your Photos which offers SEO tutorials for free and also SEO implementation and audits as a service.

The other person we are recommending is Brandon Hopper, from The Hopper Co.  Brandon was once a man behind the curtain at The Modern Tog, helping Jamie optimize her content and her teaching platform. But Brandon has since left to go out on his own, and he's a fantastic resource for photographers.

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