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We're lucky to have a very active community of both users and developers around NextGEN Gallery, due largely to the fact that it's been the most popular gallery plugin for WordPress since 2007. Even here at Imagely, we have a hard time keeping track of all the plugins that have been created or improved over the last couple of years for NextGEN Gallery users. So we decided to compile a comprehensive list for ourselves. We figured we'd share it with the rest of the community as well.

If you're a developer with a NextGEN Gallery extension plugin, or a plugin that offers integration with NextGEN, and you're not listed below, please feel free to send us a not.

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**PLEASE NOTE: These are THIRD PARTY plugins. We don't maintain or support them and haven't tested them ourselves enough to make recommendations. Use at your discretion, and if you have issues, contact the plugin creators.**

Check out our own extensions for NextGEN Gallery. Click here.

Just in case we are behind up updating this list, you can also search for NextGEN in the WordPress directory to find other free extensions.


  • PREMIUM. Fotomoto WordPress Plugin. Allows integration of WordPress with Fotomoto. Fotomoto turns your photoblog, into an online boutique, a fully enabled e-commerce site, and it has NextGEN integration.
  • WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart. Easy to use the PayPal shopping cart plugin that can be easily integrated with the NextGen Gallery plugin to sell images from your gallery via Paypal.
  • Simple Parspal Shopping CartEasy to use ParsPal shopping cart Plugin that can be easily integrated with NextGen Gallery.

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  • PREMIUM. NextGEN Gallery FancyboxerNextGEN Gallery Fancyboxer automatically integrates the fantastic Fancybox lightbox effect with your NextGEN galleries, and provides an all-inclusive Fancybox styling interface with over 30 different options for truly unique customizations.
  • PREMIUM. FooBox.  Responsive Image Lightboxes with Built-In Social Sharing.  "Using the ultra-popular NextGen Gallery plugin? FooBox has got your back with built-in support for NextGen Gallery single images as well as galleries."P
  • PREMIUM. Justified Image Grid.  Transform your gallery into a responsive responsive justified grid and using  your NextGEN thumbnails. Similar to Flickr / Google+ / Google image search.
  • PREMIUM. RoyalSlider. RoyalSlider is responsive content slider plugin with touch-swipe navigation that integrates with your NextGEN Galleries.
  • Nextgen Scroll Gallery. A WordPress Plugin that allows you to use the Mootools ScrollGallery from BMo-design on your NextGen galleries.  To use, copy the '[ scrollGallery id=xxx ]' tag in your post an replace 'xxx' with the NextGEN Gallery id.
  • NGG Image RotationThis is a custom module to extend NextGEN Gallery with a custom view that places the thumbnails in the left column, places a large image in the right.
  • JJ NextGEN JQuery Slider. Allows you to pick a gallery from the 'NextGen Gallery' plugin to use as a 'JQuery Nivo slider'.
  • JJ NextGEN JQuery Carousel. Allows you to pick a gallery from the 'NextGen Gallery' plugin to use as a 'JQuery JCarousel'.
  • JJ NextGen JQuery Cycle. Allows you to pick a gallery from the 'NextGen Gallery' plugin to use with 'JQuery Cycle Lite'. Demos:
  • JJ NextGen Image List. Allows you to pick a gallery from the 'NextGen Gallery' plugin to list images from. You can list images vertically or horizontally.
  • NextGEN Gallery Sidebar Widget. A widget to show NextGEN galleries in your sidebar.
  • NGG Sidebar Widget. A widget to show NextGEN galleries listed in your sidebar.
  • NextGEN Gallery ColorBoxer. One-click ColorBox lightbox integration with NextGEN Gallery. Only loads when a gallery shortcode is present.
  • WordPress NextGen GalleryView. jQuery JavaScript Gallery plugin extending NextGen Gallery's slideshow abilities without breakage. Uses GalleryView - jQuery Content Gallery Plugin.
  • NextGen Oqey Skins Lite. NextGen Oqey Skins Lite is an add-on for oQey Gallery plugin that allow to use oQey Skins for NextGen gallery.
  • NextGen Cooliris Gallery. Easily embed Cooliris Galleries using your NextGen galleries or albums via shortcode.
  • PS Rotator. Allows you to pick a gallery named as 'rotator' from the 'NextGen Gallery' plugin to use it as images rotator on your site.
  • ZMT Fancybox. Plugin adds fancybox code to WP header and footer. This plugin is designed for NextGen Gallery. You can use multiple galleries on pages.
  • jQuery Colorbox. Works out-of-the-box with WordPress Galleries and NextGEN Gallery. To use with NextGEN, choose no effect in NextGEN settings.
  • Easy Fancybox. Easily enable the FancyBox 1.3.4 jQuery extension on just about all media links. For NextGEN Galleries, switch OFF the FancyBox auto-gallery feature, then set the NextGen option "JavaScript Thumbnail effect" to "Custom" and fill the code line field with rel="%GALLERY_NAME%".
  • WP Simple Viewer. Allows you to easily create SimpleViewer galleries with WordPress. 2.3.1 Added support for NextGEN galleries as source of images.
  • Easy Nivo Slider. Adds Nivo Slider to a post/page with no coding. Builds sliders from a post images, featured images in posts, or from NextGen galleries.
  • WunderSlider Gallery. WunderSlider Gallery turns default WordPress and NextGEN galleries into responsive fullscreen and embedded WunderSlider slideshows. WunderSlider Gallery also supports NextGEN Gallery to embed any gallery as a WunderSlider using the [ wunderslider_nggallery ] shortcode or by enabling it as the default renderer for the [ nggallery ] shortcode. See demo at:
  • WP Supersized. Displays a full screen background slideshow in any page/post. Choose images from the WP Media Gallery, NextGEN Gallery, a folder, or an XML file.
  • OrangeBox. OrangeBox is a lightweight, cross-browser, automated jQuery lightbox script. To setup NextGen Gallery to use OrangeBox: 1. Click on "Options" under "Gallery" in your WordPress Dashboard (on the left) 1. Select the "Effects" tab 1. Select "Lightbox" as the JavaScript Thumbnail effect. Demos:
  • Carousel-of-post-images. Fully integrated jcarousel Image Gallery plugin for WordPress to allow quick and easy galleries built from the images attached to posts. Integrates with other galleries (such as NextGen) to reuse the jcarousel and jquery without clashes.
  • SideNails. SideNails allow you to display a list of the last posts with a thumbnail, in a widget. The images used to make the thumbnails can be from the post'media library, a post'featured image, a NextGen Gallery linked to the post, or a custom fields where you setup the link to this image.
  • PhotoSwipe. Automatically use Photoswipe to navigate NextGEN galleries when using a mobile browser
  • BMo Expo. Allows you to replace default wordpress galleries and NextGEN galleries with beau

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  • PREMIUM. Social Gallery Photo Viewer. Social Gallery Plugin is a way to engage visitors to your WordPress blog by adding lightbox which features social media buttons (Facebook like, Facebook Send, Pinterest's ‘Pin it’, Twitters ‘Tweet This’) as well as Facebook or Disqus Comments.  Requires a setting adjustment.
  • PREMIUM. FooBox.  Responsive Image Lightboxes with Built-In Social Sharing.  "Using the ultra-popular NextGen Gallery plugin? FooBox has got your back with built-in support for NextGen Gallery single images as well as galleries."
  • Flexo-social-gallery. Display Facebook like and comment functionality for each photo separately within your NextGEN Galleries. For more and demo: In addition to NextGEN gallery, this plugin requires flexo-facebook-manager
  • Facebook Like Thumbnail. Fixes the problem of random thumbnails used by Facebook when someone likes/shares. Now supports Nextgen gallery when not using the slideshow mode.

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Click here to view our full comparison of the top Image Optimization plugins, including some which integrate with NextGEN Gallery.

  • Imagify. This plugin, made by the same team who makes WP Rocket Cache, has deep integration with NextGEN Gallery, preserves the original backups integrity while optimizing front end displayed images as well as thumbnails and cached images.
  • WP NextGEN Gallery Integration. This is a very basic integration made by popular request: the only thing it does is smushes new images. We don't use NextGEN Gallery, so anyone wanting more functionality (re-smush, bulk smush, etc...) is encouraged to dive in and contribute.
  • EWWW Image Optimizer. Reduce image file sizes and improve performance for images within WordPress including NextGEN Gallery. Uses jpegtran, optipng, and gifsicle.
  • The Bar Steward. Some plugins like to embed themselves into the default WordPress admin bar. Some developers and their clients dislike this. Plug-ins that do this are: Yoast WordPress SEO, CDN Synch Tool, NextGen Gallery, BackWPup, Social Metrics, Ultimate Security Checker. Remove all or any of these from your admin bar with this plugin.
  • NGINX Manager. Easily purge Nginx cache. Each time a post is modified clear the cached version of the page and of all the related page. Support NextGEN.

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Did you know NextGEN Gallery is fully compatible with mobile devices?

WPJaipho. Extends native WordPress image gallery and NextGEN Gallery with optimized support for iPhone and iPad users

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  • oik. Creates and support shortcodes for displaying content. Added support and syntax information for NextGEN short codes like [ nggallery ] and[ ngslideshow ] for co-existence of NextGen gallery and Slideshow Gallery Pro.
  • WP GPX Maps. Draws a gpx track with altitude graph. You can also display your nextgen gallery images in the map.
  • AutoNav Graphical Navigation and Gallery Plugin. Creates customizable lists/tables of text/thumbnails/links to posts, pages, taxonomies, attachments, custom post types, and image directories.New filters for extensions like NextGEN Gallery thumbnail support, and for taxonomy-images plugin.
  • Rich Text Tags. The Rich Text Tags Plugin allows you to edit tag, category, and taxonomy descriptions using WordPress' built in WYSIWYG editor. Has support for NextGEN Gallery.
  • FPW Category Thumbnails. Assigns a thumbnail based on categoryid / thumbnail mapping to a post / page when the post is created or updated. Built-in FPW Post Thumbnails. IDs from NextGen Gallery must be entered with ngg- prefix, so ID 230 should be entered as ngg-230. File names of authors' pictures in NextGen gallery must follow this naming convention: 'id.jpg' where 'id' is author's user id. The name of NextGen gallery must be 'authors'.

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  1. Hi there, is there a plugin I can purchase that has the same functionality as the photo upload and overlay on this website (scroll to the 3rd/4th fold down, where you see the facebook/upload photo buttons)



    1. None that I’m aware of at the moment. But we’ve considered integration with or similar.

  2. I am using NextGen Gallery plugin, and would like to have a wysiwyg toolbar on my gallery descriptions.
    This page suggests the plugin Rich Text Tags for this, I’ve installed it but I don’t have the toolbar.

    Do you know if I need to do something else to get it to appear? Or can you suggest anything else?
    (Sorry if I’ve missed something really obvious!)

  3. Is there any way to show Adsense ads within the slideshows?

  4. I am looking two things

    1) for the ability to group photos into a lightbox for discussion
    2) to be able to control where the image links to…not necessarily a larger image gallery or slideshow, but urls that point to pages where such things can be loaded.

  5. Does Nextgen allow customers to decide on how they apply a crop to a full sized image when they purchase a physical photo (i.e., 5×7 print or 8×10 canvas)?

    I would like to let a customer identify their preferred crop points for a given product, which I will then work with my pro lab to deliver via their ROES software.


    1. At the moment, no. That’s planned for the future though, as part of our print lab integration.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply, Scott.

        Great to hear you have it on your backlog. Noting that you have it as part of print lab integration, I would like to make some supplemental feature requests.

        Lab integration is nice for some people, but I’ve found after using Smugmug, Shootproof, and Pixieset, that integrations usually lack the full breadth of products a lab offers, plus shipping and other costs are usually higher than going directly to the lab via ROES.

        With In Person Selling, I bring a bunch of samples to a client and walk them through the benefits of each product type and how it will fit into their home as wall art.

        So, as a photographer who relies on IPS and works through ROES to self-fulfill products from professional labs, when I meet with a customer I would like to be able to offer crop point options via Nextgen Gallery UI so that they can add their preferred product to a cart and checkout. I then fulfill on my own after the IPS session.

        For customers who are not geographically near me and I can’t conduct IPS, the function would essentially be the same… customer logs in to their private gallery, they choose a list of self-fulfilled products I’ve defined for the images (i.e. 8×10 canvas), they apply the preferred crop and checkout. I get a notification that shows crop points and I complete the order via ROES.

        Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!

        1. It’s common practice for the photographer to choose the crop when an order is self-fulfilled, especially when doing IPS. We do want to bring the upcoming new feature for print lab integration over to self-fulfill too. However, being that it’s not common practice to let the customer pick the crop in this situation, that has not made it to the priority list. With that said. It will likely happen, it’s just a matter of time.

      2. Speaking of Print Lab Integration…you seem to have been hinting at it for a while now (at least a full year!). it’s something that is essential to photographers. Are we going to see this happening any time soon…? Do you have a timeline for this, at all…?

  6. Regarding digital downloads… for the work I do (newborn and child photography), I focus on physical products as wall art and make my profit from those sales. I do not sell standalone high resolution digital files. What I would like to do is offer customers a package… if they order physical photo products, low resolution digital files of those images are included, which they can use for creating announcements and social sharing. Additionally, I might like to add rules around minimum $$ threshold to include those files or minimum physical product size (anything below 8×10 doesn’t get digital files, anything above 8×10 automatically does). Can that be done now via Nextgen Pro?


    1. Right now NextGEN Pro can only do individual files as digital downloads. However, you’re welcome to request packaged digital downloads from here.

  7. Now that the public uploader add on is no longer supported (NextGEN Public Uploader By WebDevStudios) , are you looking at providing this option? I am creating a social site for people with photo uploads with the ability to moderate before actual posting takes place. Or are there other uploader add ons out there that I have just not found yet?

    1. There are couple public uploaders out there, including the WebDevStudios plugin. That one still works, too. We have no immediate plans to add a public uploader. We would if it became a highly requested feature, though. At this moment it is not.

      1. I really wanted to buy this function of public uploader, somebody has some solution because in the last version of wordpress does not work the plugin anymore.

        1. I’m also looking for this feature.

      2. I am also looking for this feature

  8. SWK,
    Thanks in advance for being so available to answer questions.
    I’m using the ZupaBuilder theme and I THINK the NextGen gallery came with it…so I’m assuming what I am looking at per the link below, on the “Our Completed Projects” page was done with the NextGen plugin.

    If I am correct, how do I get the “sortable tag navigation” enabled so visitors can sort per tag?


    1. I’m not seeing what you’re referring to, however we do not have a tag navigation feature built in. We do have a tag cloud gallery display style. But it’s not really a navigation. It’s very possible that theme created a custom display type for themselves.

  9. Thanks for the information. It was very helpful!

  10. I’ve been using NextGen Galleryview for many (like 70) artists for an art gallery website and want to upgrade to a supported plugin for security reasons. I’ve begun to switch over to the NextGen Pro horizontal filmstrip template but actually want a left side vertical filmstrip. I don’t see how that’s possible with the current template. Do you have suggestions for a solid replacement? RoyalSlider, perhaps?

  11. I am looking to create a gallery where users can upload their own pics without going into the backend. And ideally manage their own galleries as well. Does NextGen do this somehow ? If not can you suggest a solution for me ?

    1. There was a public uploader, but the developers stopped making it. It’s a feature we’re considering for the plugin in the future, though.

      1. I’d definitely be interested in a front end uploader being made available again, I think this was a feature that made Nextgen stand out from most other, comparable, gallery plugins

  12. I’m looking to pull form multiple Facebook users Albums, filtered by some means, hashtags etc. Is this possible?

  13. Hi, I recently bought this plugin for my wordpress site. I want to know is, if this plugin is compatible with AMP, since when doing my tests, no slider adapts to this mode on my page.


    1. Our developers are exploring ideas for offering AMP galleries. But nothing solid as of right now.

  14. Is there a plugin for NexGen to allow Augmented Reality (AR) to overlay an image on an actual wall, via a smartphone’s camera?

  15. Advanced Custom Fields: NextGEN Gallery Field add-on hasn’t been updated in 3 years and does not appear to compatible with the latest versions of NGG or Advanced Custom Fields. It is using deprecated function calls. I would remove it from your list or reach out to the developers.

    1. You can moderate your comments via the Comments area of WordPress as NextGEN Pro uses the built-in comment system.

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