gear-tracking-tilePhotographers are always talking about protecting their photographs through right click protection, or backups and even unauthorized photo usage.

There are solutions for each of these problems, like NextGEN Pro, Pixsy, Backblaze and Lenstag.

Each of these solutions has a place in a photographer's business.

But one thing rarely discussed is what happens when on the job, or when traveling.

What happens to the equipment in the overhead compartment of a place?

Or the chargers you kept in your checked luggage?

What happens to the gear in the back room of the venue where you're photographing a wedding?

What if someone walks away with it.  You might have insurance, and hopefully, you do. But wouldn't you want to know if your gear is moving, or missing?

That's where Tile comes in.

Tile is a tiny chip that can be clipped on to gear, put on your keychain, lens strap or anything. You can drop one in your camera bag or luggage.

Tile is a Bluetooth device that works with your iPhone or Android phone to determine location or movement.

Here's an example from wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer's use of Tile.

Look at the Tile website and you will be able to imagine the many products and devices you can keep virtual eyes on.

It's things like Tile which add that extra peace of mind into your photography business.

Think about it, and maybe pick up a bundle of Tiles to use in your business.

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