There are so many articles on already written about making WordPress photography websites. Some go through the design process, some the WordPress installation process, and some just talk about blogging.

In this article about making a WordPress photography website, and keeping it stupid simple.If you do not already have a photography website, then this is the article for you.

We know that WordPress confuses so many photographers. We know so many photographers do not want to know about the technical aspects of WordPress. We know you don't want to figure out what plugins to use for different tasks.

That's why we started a podcast, for education, and why we created Imagely Hosting, for turnkey photography websites.

Imagely hosting is a solution for photographers who want things done for them as a starting point. And then you can tweak to your heart's desire from there on forward.

NOTE: Imagely Hosting is no longer accepting new customers at this time.  Please subscribe to our newsletter to learn when we re-open the doors.

Stop looking up how to install WordPress, a theme or a plugin. Get started simply, and quickly, with no hassle.  Once you're up a running, ask questions to the support staff to fine tune your new photography website.

WordPress Photography Website - K.I.S.S.

Going along with the method of keeping it stupid simple, the following four steps will guide you through creating a WordPress photography website easily. Sometimes the process takes as little as two minutes, depending on how many sites we making at the same time. Here goes!

Step 1 - Pick a hosting plan

Find hosting and see which plan works best for you. At the time we're writing this, the base plan is just shy of $25 a month. It comes with 2 websites and more than enough storage and bandwidth for the average photographer. We built our plans based on stats from some of the leading photographers in the industry, so need to worry about running out of any specific part of each plan.

Step 2 - Create your account

Go through the guided steps to create your hosting account, and create the login credentials also for your new WordPress photography website.

Step 3 - Choose your domain

If you already have a domain, that's fine. You can always point it to our servers. Otherwise, you are welcome to purchase a domain directly from us. We make the process extremely straightforward.

Step 4 - Add billing information

The 4th and final step of setting up your WordPress website is to add your billing information.

It's Go Time!

Once you have completed setup you wait for an email from an automated system stating that your site is ready.

From this point, you will have your photography website setup at a preview URL.  You can log in using the provided steps and edit your site. You can change colors, add your branding, create pages, galleries, and much more.  Becuase it's a WordPress website you are not limited by anything. You can install pretty much any plugin you want. 

Because our system is a turnkey one, you're up and running within minutes. But you can always change themes if you want, and our hosting team will have you back. Managed Hosting has huge advantages over the basic shared hosting package you're so used to seeing around.

Enjoy your new photo site!

P.S. If you're brand new to WordPress then this guide might be useful to you.

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